Friday, March 16, 2012

Out Goes Bo

The GOP isn’t the only party facing public infighting. One of China’s fastest rising political figures, Bo Xilai, was dismissed from power today. Serving as party chief in the sprawling city of Chongqing for the last five years, Bo is one China’s most recognizable figures. Already a member on the 25-seat Politiburo, Bo was considered by many to be on an unstoppable rise. But his campaign tactics (which included a relentless courting of the media) was looked down upon by many within the Communist party. While presiding over impressive economic gains, Bo’s implementation of Maoist era policies left many in the elite uneasy. Industry kingpins, in particular, were concerned with his eagerness to inset the state into privatized areas of the economy and to redistribute wealth. For many of the poor, however, his crusade to ease their burden was enough to raise him to the status of hero. His future is still uncertain, but the consensus seems to be that he will be given a ceremonial role within the government (as long as he cooperates). An interesting tidbit about his successor: He was educated in economics in North Korea.
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