Monday, April 16, 2012

Notes from the Road

If you visit L.A., the one thing you must, must do is drive along Mulholland Dr. after sunset. The views of the entire Los Angeles area are stunning. (Make sure to bring a good camera.)

Success in San Francisco is measured by the size of your garage.

Driving from San Francisco to LA along Highway 1 is exhausting. The novelty of the scenery fades quickly.

David Lynch’s house in the Hollywood Hills is very cool (it’s the one used in his film Lost Highway). And unlike every other house in the area, it is not behind a ten foot high wall.

The traffic in LA is as bad as the natives say it is.

Shopping in Las Vegas is either really high-end or really low-end.

In 1896, Griffith J. Griffith (yeah, his first name was the same as his last) donated 3,000 acres of land to Los Angeles County so that the city would have a green area to rival NYC’s Central Park.

The universe has been continuously expanding since the Big Bang. (For those keeping track, that is 13.5 billion years of expansion.)

Richard Anderson, the CEO of Delta Airlines, must be a narcissist. If he wasn’t, he wouldn't have his customers sit through his boring, self-aggrandizing monologue (that has nothing to do with safety, by the way) at the beginning of every Delta flight.

The baggage claim area of the Las Vegas airport has an abundance of slot machines (I'm not kidding).

Stanford and UC Berkeley are bay rivals. One is traditionally more conservative than the other. (Hint: Mitt Romney attended Stanford for a year.)

A book store does exist in Las Vegas. (From the strip, just walk 45 minutes east.)

You can’t go anywhere without hearing the “We Are Young” song. It’s time to move on, please!

The Zodiac killer was never found. The David Fincher movie implies Arthur Lee Allen was the culprit. That is misleading.